Hostgator vs HostMonster

Before a website can be put online, it needs a domain name and webhost. The both are very important but the webhost is the most important of either. A domain name without a webhost can be likened to someone who has decided to open a store for his business and although he has a name for the store, he doesn’t have a location or land where the store is to be situated. It is possible to have a hosting service without a domain name as most hosting companies offer free domain names except that an extension with the hosting company’s name is included in the domain name. It is also possible to register with a free hosting service but you won’t get all the benefits that a paid member will and you can’t use such hosting services for a big website establishment. There are several paid website hosting companies out there but it is advisable to use trusted hosting companies in order to avoid offline periods and other issues which recurrently occurs with upcoming hosting companies. Two popular website hosting companies include HostMonster and HostGator –

Hostgator vs HostMonster

These two website hosting companies are famous for hosting a good number of top websites in the world today thereby leading to arguments on which of the two is better. Although the both offers similar services, HostGator is well known for hosting rich packages such as reseller hosting, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers while HostMonster is known for personal and small business blogging.

HostMonster and HostGator renders similar services such as
PHP 5, Python, Perl 5, Ruby on Rail, CGI, etc.
WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, forum, and other website builder’s software.
Unlimited disk space, Email accounts, Bandwidth, MySQL databases, etc.
Cube Cart, ZenCart, and more.

The features stated above are usually shared amongst various plans so it is left to the customer to decide which plan he/she will go for.

This is the most important part of all webhosting service. Every webhosting company must be capable of remaining online no matter the challenges they experience so that every website they host can be accessed no matter the time of the day nor the country from which the website is being accessed. HostGator boasts of optimum security, safety, power and cooling systems ensuring that their servers remain uninterrupted even as they run at full speed while HostMonster has 3 dedicated data centers, 4 separate fiber lines, more than 150,000 Mbits bandwidth and DELL brand servers to ensure their service remains uninterrupted.

For large website owners, pricing is not an issue but for bloggers and other small business owners, it is important that they watch their budget in order not to run at a loss. While HostGator has about 3 shared hosting packages with the business plan being very expensive, HostMonster has only one plan which is really affordable.

In conclusion, HostMonster and HostGator are nice hosting companies but it all depends on what you as the customer wants. It is clear that HostGator is the larger of the two and also appears to offer better services to both people looking for a small business website and those also looking for a large website for their business. Hostgator also provides a large variety of hostgator promo codes that individuals can apply at checkout to further save money on their selected hosting plans. HostMonster doesn’t supply such webhosting coupons.

Hostgator Webhosting Coupons

Hostgator coupons have been used by a lot of website owners using their web hosting company which is Hostgator. They have one reason in doing this; that is to save money with their hosting plans with HostGator. You might be wondering what will it benefit you if you are going to use Hostgator as your web hosting company. To be honest with you I have used Hostgator with some of my websites and I hope my experience with it can help you decide if this web hosting company is good for you. So read on to find out.


Hostgator Coupons

Just a quick background about Hostgator; Hostgator is a very reputable web hosting company that has been used by thousands or not millions of users online for over 10 years now. Big named web designers even recommend it to other people who are trying to make a website for their business. Local business owners, bloggers, and web publishers use Hostgator for a few good reasons. Check out other users review about Hostgator because among all other web hosting companies, Hostgator provides 90% satisfaction with their clients. But we are not here about how great a webhosting company is, but how much money will you save by comparing it with other companies out there.

Let us take a look at Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and JustHost and compare them with each other. There are other web hosting companies that we can compare but I used these four because they are my most trusted web hosting companies. Hostgator’s minimum plan starts at $3.96 per month. Bluehost’s mimimum plan normally costs $5.99 but due to their discounts it can drop to $3.49. On the other hand, JustHost’s minimum package starts at $5.99 per month, and last but not the least is GoDaddy’s plan starts at $4.17.

Hostgator’s minimum plan covers a single domain, unlimited website space, and unlimited bandwidth. As for BlueHost it covers a single domain, 100GB of website space, and unlimited bandwidth. JustHost’s minimum plan covers a single domain, 100GB website space, and unlimited bandwidth. Last but not the least, GoDaddy’s plan covers a single domain, 100GB website space, and unlimited bandwidth. As you can see, Hostgator leads because it offers unlimited website space or storage compared to the other three.

Now let us look at discount coupons provided by each web hosting company. Hostgator provides a big whopping discount where you can avail of hosting service to $0.01 per month. Bluehost on the other hand prices their hosting service for $5.99; with discounts applied, you can come up with $3.49 per month. Justhost’s plan starts at $5.99 where you can avail of 57% discount which will lead to $2.50 per month. GoDaddy’s starter plan starts at $4.17 and their discounts vary from 35% to 80% and sometimes they offer $0.99 per month web hosting. So if we compute GoDaddy’s price depending on discounts that they offer you can come up with $2.70 per month and above.

Websites hosted with Hostgator loads super-fast and I’ am not trying to exaggerate here. There are still people with this age and time that still uses dial up connection and they don’t have problems loading your website. Having your site load up and does not waste your web visitor’s time is a big plus when it comes to search engines and this means your site has a better chance to rank first in the search engine result pages.

They also support WordPress plugins which is the most used web designing template across the globe. WordPress is very easy to use and Hostgator thought of their customers which is why they included this in their platform. They also include your very own website cPanel where you can tweak your website if you are an advance web designer. Other features include your personal business email, training center, and 24/7 customer support with live chat. Overall, I would definitely recommend Hostgator as a good webhosting company for beginners due to three features; low start-up cost, easy to use and 24/7 customer support.

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